What need to happen with my valves ?

Ok so i need(ed) my valves replacing , i took the head to a local parts shop and the owner said that he would order some new valves and fit them for me ..

He told me that seats don't always need re-cutting and that mine didn't , But i have read on these forums that seats do need cutting to ensure good valve life ..

I also don't know if he ordered in a whole valve kit or just valves (no springs etc.)

My clearance's zero'd twice and was shimmed at least 3 times ( bought 2nd hand so i dont know about before i bought)

Now im confused as hell , do the springs need to be replaced as well as everything else associated with valves ? or just valves ?

Also do i need the seats cutting ?

This guy isn't a mechanic or anything , he is just a rider who opened a shop and im starting to wonder if he knows what he is doing or just trying to make a bit of money without actually doing the job correctly

I aint rich and i need these valves to last as long as possible , which is why i need them putting in as correctly as possible ..

Im thinking about ringing the shop up and asking for my head back before he goes and puts these valves in ( the valves should arrive at his shop on money)

Oh and these are intake valves only , exhaust stayed in spec

Please any answers are appreciated here ..Thanks in advance

if he's doing SS inlets you also have to use the compatible springs etc as the valves are heavier than the OEM Titanium inlets

Go get your head and find a new mechanic who knows what he is doing. This guy obviously has no idea how to do a proper valve job. New valves must always be put in with a seat that has been resurfaced. It will cost you a little more but the valves will last alot longer. If you put new valves in your head without getting the seats cut your new valves will soon be garbage. Even though the exhaust valves are in spec the guides my not be, and the seals most likely need replacing.

You can spend a little more now, or a lot more later.

Check out crfheads.com or crfsonly.com

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Thanks for the reply's ,

Ive decided to get my head on Monday and take it to a good mechanic (one that has a good reputation and does lots of works on MX bikes)

I really wish i would have just taken it there in the first place now , I am going to buy the valves from the shop that my head is at and then take the head for seat cutting and new valves putting in at the good mechanics ..

And do you guys know about the springs ? the guy at the shop ordered titanium valves like i already have but im wondering if i need springs to go with them ? or do i just use the old ones ? I dont have a clue if he ordered the whole kit (I hope he did) ..

I dont really think springs are reusable. I suppose you could but its probably better to get new springs and retainers and valve seals.

I would just get new springs too. They are only about $10/each.

Yeah i guessed you would "need" new springs and i would feel 100 times better with a whole new set .. now i just have to hope the guy at the shop was smart enough to order the whole set ..

Thanks for all the help guys

When you redo a head, you will only get out of the head what you put into it. You would definatly want to have the seats cut to ensure correct contact with valve. Also, springs do need to be replaced. They are cheap enough its not a problem, and it is assurance to have new ones put in. Also, as stated above, make sure they check valve guide conditions. If the guides are gone, it would only be a matter of time and burned oil to find you were back at base one.

Yeah i actually booked the head in at a good mechanic who actually know exactly what there doing ,

He agree's the other guy didnt have a clue about valves ..

It will get done correctly now :smirk:

Thanks for all the reply's , they did help a lot

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