Red or blue needle ?

Ok I know the temp and altitude determin your needle as well as humidity levels ... But it is a hard choice if you liv in michigan. Im @ 1000- 800 feet above, and we have a very wide range of temp and humidity durring the riding seasons. Ok mostly high humidity but temp ranges a LOT. From 55- 95 durring the summer times.

So what do you think red or blue.

I say Blue :smirk:

+1 on the blue.

Hard to nail it with such a ride range. If changing during the season is not possible (?) go blue. Better to be rich than lean.

Remember that it's not that big a deal to change the needle... Pick one (Sounds to me like probably the blue), ride it for a bit then check the spark plug/exhaust pipe color.

Blue Needle clip #4...may require clip #3 in hot/humid weather or with stock pipe

I have ridden in the Michigan U.P. when it was 40F to 100F. Blue needle.

Thanks. that is what I did. Just wanted to be sure

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