03 250sx case removal

I can't get my clutch side case off. I took all the bolts out and when I pull it seems like it is catching on something with the kick start shaft. The service manual dosent show anything that needs to be removed from the kickstart shaft. I need it off to install a hellacoil in my oil level check hole. Thanks in advance

I'm not sure what's hanging up the cover and keeping it from coming off, but I say FORGET about the check hole when you get it fixed and back together. Those things strip all the time. Just measure out 700 or 750ml (whatever that one calls for) in a cup and dump it in the trans.

I also always drain it back out into a measuring cup to make sure I'm getting back out what I put in. This will tell you if you've got a leak or a crank seal sucking fluid.

Sounds like it is hanging up on the kickshaft lip seal, use a rubber or plastic mallet and tap on the kick start shaft to break it loose.

And like toadmeister00 said forget the oil level screw they are a pain.

Everything is back together and the level hole is fixed. I put a thread insert in and it works great. I think next time, well I KNOW next time I will just plug the hole. Thanks for the info folks. And to anyone else with this problem it might be easier to take their advice, to seal the hole and measure out your oil.

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