needing xr250 clutch help

84 xl250r. runs great but the clutch has a pretty hard pull. i pulled, cleaned and lubed clutch cable and made sure that the handle was not too tight in perch. but i feel a bit of binding (like a knotchy feeling). i have now noticed that there is a reasonable drip of oil flowing from the seal on the right side case where the clutch ingagement lever enters the case cover. im going to replace seal but im wondering if anyone has had this problem or has any suggestions on rectifing. seems like if the flat piece of metal mounted on top of the ingagement rod was longer (or straighter) it would increase leverage. thanks gang, bradford

I have a 86xl250r and it has the same feeling to it. more than likely the basket is notched. I havent dove into it, but will when I add the xr side cover to add the oil cooler.

guess im not farmilliar with that term, "notched basket". can you discribe?

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