DR650 brake on DR600

Anybody know enough about the DR600 and DR650 to know if an '87 DR600 can take an early DR650 rear wheel and disk brake set up?

Ultimately I'd like to try and squeeze an 18" wheel in so that I can have a better tyre choice. I'm really limited in the UK for 130/80-17 tyres, if I could go 18" then I'd be buried in options.

Has this been done? Any advice appreciated...

The late DR600 had a rear disc brake as standard. Yes, you definitely could fit a rear disc setup to your 600, but obviously you'll need to either weld a stay for the caliper onto the swing arm, or buy a late 600 rear setup.

Whereabouts are you, I looked at doing this to my old 600, I may even have everything in my garage...

Whereabouts are you
Andover, Hampshire, UK.
you'll need to either weld a stay for the caliper onto the swing arm, or buy a late 600 rear setup
Hmmm. Welding eh? I always wanted a welder... :smirk:

I've not seen a late 600 or 650 rear brake set up, up close. My old GSXR750K1 rear brake had a lower brace arm--like the DR600 drum--and the rear spindle just passed through the calliper mount, so that the calliper could track the back wheel back and forth by rotating on the disk as the wheel slid back and forth in the swingarm (for chain tensioning). Does the DR rear brake work different?

Also, will an 18" wheel fit the swingarm? I assume (maybe wrongly) that it takes a lower profile tyre so the overall dimensions of the wheel/tyre remain the same.

Next time I get into the garage, I'll take some snaps of my early 650 rear brake setup for you. Its not a massive amount of work to convert but I'm suprised you're struggling to get rear tyres, I've found them fairly easy to get! The 650 has a 17inch rear wheel anyway...

Not mine, just something I found on the net.



This is all off a late model DR600, I bought it all to do the same as you, convert to a rear disc, but in the end I bought a 650 instead! I've never tried to fit it, so I cant be 100% sure that it will fit without a bit of modification, but I cant imagine it will take too much work. Its sat in my garage for a couple of years, so will need new bearings & seals etc. I'll also throw in a late 650 front end. How does £100 collected from Bedford sound?


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