instantaneously no clutch! 650r help

I am out on a trip couple of hundred miles from home. all of a sudden, instantaneuosly w/ no precursor. I limp it back to camp about 20-30 miles shifting with no clutch and as pull onto our sight...the clutch is back??? did something stick in there? anyway wondering if anyone has any ideas? got to ride a couple hundred miles home and want to make sure i am not damaging anything further. as of right know the bike is running normal. no previous slipping, no signs of wear in the oil. thanks guys

Your clutch bushing is trying to seize. Symptom is the bike acts like the clutch cable broke. When the bushing seizes the there is a direct connection from the basket to the tranny mainshaft. Usually it seizes for good and can be expensive depending on damage to the input shaft. You are lucky. Don't ride the bike, pull the clutch & replace the bushing between the basket and mainshaft. The new style bushing has more oil flow provisions. This was a weekness in the early year models.

Note: I have an '02 R and it acted like yours. Replaced the bushing and upon removal found I already had the new style bushing.

yep what pearblossomal said..

when you say bushing, do you mean...the clutch guide part# 22116-MBN-671 (which i have read they improved for oil flow and recommend changing to prevent seizure) or do mean the clutch bearing or something else? thank you very much

"part# 22116-MBN-671 ?"

Yep,that's it, but now you need a basket assy too,, now that there is damage.

I can't believe there are still 650Rs' out there that hadn't been up dated..

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