Hooligan modder, sensor question

Where did you mount your magnet and speed sensor? My spacer bracket is in the way as best I can tell. I'm running GS500 stuff. A picture would help a lot.

i mounted mine on the caliper bracket itself, kinda tricky, had to use a tiny screw and some epoxy for good measure. also had to file down the leading edge where it would hit the lower leg. i used the magentic rotor bolt for the dirt wheels and drilled a recess in the gs500 rotor and used one of the magnets set down in it, for the street stuff. hope that helps.


before the vapor was installed.


and no, wiseco does not make the bracket, the sticker just fit good on the one i made:ride:

Thanks, that does help. I'm thinking since my GS rotor has a step inside the floating connector (for lack of a better term), I can JB Weld a magnet there and use some double sided tape and a zip tie to hold the sensor to the fork leg. That way, the top end of the sensor will read the magnet on the GS rotor and from the lower end on the DRZ rotor. IF I can get my sensor mounted like yours, I may go that route. My bracket is homemade, too...

Cool, let me know if you have any other questions, I have the dirt setup on the bike right now but I'll give you any info I can.

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