Tripometer Help XR250

So the tripometer has not worked on my 01 xr250 since i bought it last year. The cable was gummed up pretty bad so i replaced it, and that hasn't made it work. I pulled the front wheel off this morning and was looking over the black plastic piece that the cable hooks into. This piece slides onto the axle and also holds the plastic tripometer gear that spins to make the worm gear inside the cable spin. After carefully inspecting it I realized there is a gap in between the black plastic housing piece (not sure what to call it) and the wheel. The gap is probably 1/8" and the internal metal housing inside of the black plastic housing slides right up against the metal bearings on the wheel, but there is still the gap. The two "teeth" on the tripometer gear that are supposed to mesh with the two teeth on the inside of the wheel cannot make contact.

My question is, is there supposed to be a gap? If so, how do I make the two teeth mesh so the tripometer will work? I'm thinking the plastic ones on the gear inside the black housing may have worn down since the cable was previously gummed up.

Any info, if you can understand all that explanation, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


I would unhook the cable at the axel and give it a spin (drill?) to see if its the bottom end that is the problem... at least you will be half way there in finding the answer

Cheers steve

PS Unhook the cable at the top (tach) and spin wheel, does the cable spin round... Theres the other half ;-)

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