overdrilled mid-valve peens..

I overdrilled the peens removing the cap on the mid-valve so there are some small holes on the threads of the cap. It screwed out just fine, and I'm sure will screw back in just fine, but will this be OK? Just want to make sure it won't cause any problems.


since you should loctite it anyways, it shouldn't be a problem

haven't seen your 'work' so i might be wrong though :smirk:

i use a dial torque wrench (snap-on) i use red loctite, torque to 24in lbs if hon/yam mid, then i stake the nut with a punch. kind of an over-kill approach, but there are only about three threads on the mid, so it does need a bit more care. i don't file the peening straight. i file at an angle to keep as many threads as i can. i feel i've got more control with a file. i clean up the top with a die or thread file.

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