what should i get

i have been looking into getting a dual sport or supermoto style street legal bike or buying one and converting it. Ive seen a few drz 400s,ktm,huskys and would like some info and advise,im new to the dual sport,sumo scene. please fill free to voice your opinion about it im looking for the best one for 95% street use btw.

Wr450 or husqvarna 510

the best bike for 95% street is a street bike. most of the good ds/sumo bikes are based off dirt bikes. they are uncomfortable on the street, and require a lot of maintenance, compared to a street bike. and if your not really going to use the offroad ability, why pay for it. a new ktm exc will run you about 10,000 bucks, they are awesome bikes, offroad, but if your only going to be in the dirt 5% of the time its wasted money. a good used drz goes for three to four thousand around here, but again. imo a kawasaki klr 650 might be good for you, they are designed to be a comfy street comuter that can also cruise jeep trails and tackle some mild two track.

yeah i started thinking about that and realized i typed that in wrong i ment 75% street use 25% off road. sorry about that but cliffsherman i totally agree with you on what you said. with that being said what do you guys still say?

in order to give a good recommendtion we need to know a few things about you,(height, weight, riding experiance)and your intended riding(cruising highway, short commute on surface streets). and what you want to do offroad with the bike.

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