Leak Down Test Questions for 2000 KTM 200 EXC


Hey guys I am doing a leak down test and do not know whether I should plug the port beneath the screw driver in the picture. I know that a breather line of some sort connects to this, but I do not know if that line connects to anything else.

I am rebuilding the engine away from home. Unfortunately I do not have the rest of the bike and the corresponding parts to look at right now. I have provided microfiche: (It's #60)


More importantly, IF i plug that hole with my finger and do the leak down test, the gauge will indicate that the engine is holding the air. However if I do not plug it, the engine will loose all pressure within seconds.

I have checked the base, head, cylinder, and PV gaskets using the soapy water trick and there are no airleaks at all to be found.

So is this something to worry about? Basic logic tells me IF the breather line that plugs into this port DOES NOT connect to anything, than I have a severe leak somewhere on my hands.

If you are talking about part No. 52....this is your water pump housing. If there is air coming out of it during the test, you have problems.

no not #52. In the picture i took, it's the port hole beneath the screw driver. Part #60 plugs into it.

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