[venting] I want my parts :(

Saw a FMF fatty pipe and silencer pop up on ebay last week for my 86 CR80. Min bid was 80 bucks, pic looked like great condition. I bid one buck over the only other bidder and won it last monday afternoon. The seller is just 2 states away and I paid instantly.

Up to this point pretty much every item I've purchased for this bike has been from ebay store sellers, and they have been very good to get parts out ASAP. But this is just some random dude, who has plenty of feedback but probably doesn't make a living on ebay.

6 days later, still waiting on a ship notice. Wed. I emailed him and he responded that he's get it out soon. I had hoped initially to have it by the weekend, now I'm just hoping I get it.

I really should have just spent more money up front and bought a newer bike. this has turned into a project bike I never really wanted. Lesson learned.

Note to self, as the age of the bike gets higher and the displacement gets lower, GENERALLY speaking finding parts will be more difficult and expensive.

A 1986 CR500 and 250 will be easier to find parts than a 1986 CR125 or 80.

The lower displacement bikes get ridden TO DEATH by younger, less mechanically adept riders.

This is really for my children, who have never rode. Neither have I for that matter. So I'm also part of the problem. It's the first bike I've ever had/rode/wrenched. I'll know better next time

Been using ebay for years and have only had a handful of problems. Keep the faith, looks like you found a seller who isn't very good at getting his stuff out. Just keep in contact with him and let him know that you expected the part to be sent out after payment, not a week after payment. As for the 2 states away thing, I have received parts faster from across country than from in state. Good luck, keep contacting him and make sure it reflects in the feedback and the rating stars.

Just went and saw the auction, pipe looks nice, but it does say "Estimated delivery within 11-15 business days" and "Will usually ship within 10 business days of receiving cleared payment" So You still have a few days until the big brown truck shows up.


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researched auction

always look where it says how soon they will ship it out. i never buy from them clowns that takes 5 days to ship something.

My options are limited. The exhaust on the bike is falling apart. new exhausts would cost more than it's worth, $180 for the expansion pipe alone. This was the first one I've seen at a reasonable (to me) price in 8 weeks.

I can wait, but that doesn't make me less annoyed at the process.

If you are worried that you might not get the pipe or lose your money then call paypal and tell them whats up. They can refund your money since you havent received it in a timely manner, but if you end up getting it just call them back and they will send him the money. I had a similar situation and did not know they would do that. Live and learn I guess.

Haha, just sounds like part of doing business on EBAY. I buy almost everything on EBAY (from paintball to dirt bike parts to books). 90% of the time I get super fast shipping. Sometimes you buy from a busy person, it is what it is. If he said up front that it takes 11-15 days to ship, then he shouldn't be dinged for taking that long.

I also agree with bigpaul, I have an 86, 88, and 91 cr250s that are usually pretty easy to find parts for on EBAY, etc.

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