Cleaning the bike

Hi all,

just curious on everybody's best and worst practices on cleaning the Green Beast: When do you clean your bike? What do you use? Drying: how, when and with what?...

Thanks in advance.

Yanni, which simple green? I see there is a hand soap a towels and giant vat called crystal simple green. Thank you.

Do you spray water mixed with that simple green stuff?

Today I used a garden hose and then dried it out as much as i could with a few towels sprayed with wd40, dried it in the cranny with some compressed air, the rest let it out in the sun... is this very bad??

i warm up the bike after washing, use WD40 on all the pivots, wd40 the chain and take it for a rip to clean out the chain of any moisture, then apply a good chain lube and i like to apply the brakes a few times to dry the pads/rotors before i put it away.

oh i did not do the chain. I will add it to the list, thanks Dirk.

I use a pressure washer for the big stuff... wheels, under fenders, etc.

Use various brushes, my favorite is a broken snow removal brush... long, and narrow. seems to fit in tight areas well.

Nice tip on the after wash ride Dirk. I always forget about the chain. ( note: I wax my chain)

I just obtained an air box cover/mock filter. anyone using a pressure washer in the air box?

Using a garden hose, I wash with sponge and soap/water then I start it and go for a ride to dry chain. I use simple green on stuborn stains too. Easy peasy:thumbsup:

last time I pulled my plug, it was badly rusted and corroded. It looks like water must have gotten in past the seal on the plug cap and was in there for some time between rides. The head looked fine thankfully, but I'm much more careful about where the water is going when washing. I run the bike and get it nice and hot to burn off and water in there now.

I use this stuff. Spray it on let it sit a few minutes and wash it off.

Wipe them down with a towel and WD40 just the chain to get the water out.


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