Best Year yz250f

What do you think was the best year for this awesome bike?

Give your reasons. Tell us what sets it apart from other models.

Asked & answered many......many......times :smirk:

hmm I did a search, must not have used the right key words. Perhaps it was old enough to be deleted. Just trying to figure what year yzf I should get.

The YZ started using the alloy frame in '06. Pretty much personal preference since then.

my buddy has a 2007 yz250f and it is pretty nice. i would go with an 06 and up. as stated above they have AF frames. the AF frame not only lighter but i think it looks better too. IMO

I love my '06 YZ250F

i have an 04 yz, i love it, but i wish i got an 06 up cause of the aluminium frame.

What's so great about the aluminum frame? I know it's not much lighter because they have to use more material to get the same strength as the steel frame. A guy on here actually weighed his and said it's a very small difference in weight. Does anything else make it better than steel. Seems like a lot more money to get a 2006 compared to a 2003. The only real concern I have about buying that old is engine repairs. A later model may have a better running engine and not need a top end replacement.

Had an 08 and liked it, I have a 09 and a 10 right now and the 10 is a better bike. Still like my 09 as well.

The alumnium framed bikes handle better probably not because the frame is alumnium, but because they have lower center of gravity, better geometry and better forks than the steel frames.

i kind of liked the 02 yz250f it did have the auto decomp mod but it was like riding a big piece of history in the 4 stroke world call me dumb but i enjoyed it

i like the look better, better handling and better resale value for the newer alu framed bikes.

for their time the 2003 was probably the best bike on the track. comparing an 03 against a 08 is just wrong as the 08 is obviously a better bike. for the time the 03 was the best, super reliable, good motor, great suspension.

I'd say the 2010-11 is the best for me. The motor runs good once its dialed in and is still super reliable. The new chassis is much better, for my tastes compared to previous models. Some people seemed to struggle with the new chassis though. For them, I'd assume they'd like the 08 or 09 the best.

I enjoy the handleing of my 2010. Motor is very reliable but lacks top end power. Put a 48 on the back and called it good

Its hard to say that AF is better then stell, because the steel flex's a bit more. The weight difference is not much due to the added material needed for aluminum to get the same strength as steel. I'd be willing to bet that if 95% of us including myself were blind folded, and had to ride steel and alum back to back, you wouldnt be able to tell the difference with a few rags wrapped around your calves so you couldnt feel it there either.

04. Updated forks, second to last year it actually looked good, and a painted frame.

I want that auto decomp. Those 2006 are out of my price range right now. Perhaps if I find a good deal.

You can always get a steel framed bike and then buy 06 and up forks for it. Probably the best way for you to go as you can spend a little here and there so you can afford it

rode an 04 yz250f today had pro circuit suspension pipe and engine work was the fastest 250f ive ridden forgot to ask what the displacment was had a big bore kit on though and identical looking to my 04 450f except his has a clarke gas tank

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