One step closer to riding my 650L

I just got done with my 1st day of riding for the Motorcycle Safety basic rider course. It was my helpfully then i thought it was going to be. My hands and butt hurt a little, and I think I sweated out 5lbs or so of water. I am in FL and wearing the safety gear, which includes a long sleeve shirt and going no faster then 20mph gets hot. But I am step closer to being able to ride my bike and keeping the Navy happy. I is mocking me to walk past it everyday for the last 2 weeks not be able to ride it.

It's nice and warm up here today around 75 degree's, it's been raining for the last month and chilly in the low 60's and high 50's so it's a nice change.


i took the motorcycle safety class and it was very informative. i took the class to bypass the driving test at DMV and learn something. what kind of bikes did they have you ride, they had Honda Rebels 250cc when i did the class.

2009 Hyosung GT250s

I was finally able to ride my bike yesterday. I put on a whopping 10 miles on her. 1 mile of that was pushing it to the allowed parking lot on base for motorcycle riding practice. I got to a top speed of 25 mph. It was easier to ride then I thought it was going to be. I do feet like a am seating about a foot higher. When I was doing quick stops I liked the way front fork made it feel more controlled. The bike I did the riding course on felt like the front tire was shaking when I did a quick stop.

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