250sxf bogging

Hi, I brought a 250 sxf 2006 and it bogs of idle.

Had top end check 3 rides ago with new con rod etc all from ktm main agent. I have cleaned the carb and put a new stock exhaust on as the last one was all beat up.

The problem is still there. Not ridden it just on the stand it bogs from idle. Start easy tick over ok. After bog it revs fine.

Any ideas welcome

Most, if not all, 250f's will bog on the stand. Ride it and see.....

thanks for the help.

In another thread you say about moving the 'clip' one place. where is this as I can't see it. all i seem to have on my carb is a black knob / screw on the left side which is joined to the right side by a bit of pipe and this adjust the idle and a silver knob / screw underneath. (seem aftermarket). this is out 2 turns.

there also seems to be an aftermarket part on bottom right corner of carb. this is silver and say OZZO i think.

i messed around with both of these last night and the idle seems to be high after revving bike then it settles.

sorry for all the questions just not a clue when it comes to carbs


OK....The black knob adjusts your idle speed. Clockwise to increase RPM. The silver screw underneath (should be roughly in the centre of the float bowl) is your pilot screw. 2 turns out is about where it should be. Adjust this as follows..http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=976989.

The other part, but i'm not sure without seeing it, sounds like an adjustable leak jet. This is an expensive piece of carb bling and requires careful adjustment. This will play a major factor in eliminating 'the bog'.

The 'clip' refers to the needle inside the carb. This is accessed thru' the carb top (a plate with 'FCR' on it) secured with 2 small allen cap screws. Raising or lowering the needle by moving the clip position is another aspect in carb set-up.

thanks again.

I got the carb back off last night, but before i done this i noticed that the jet you can see when the air filter/boot is removed doesn't squirt any fuel when you twist the throttle (bike not running). Is this correct?

Took off the cover of accelarator pump (after market part what say OZZO) where should the spring be? under or ontop of rubber diapham.

Well...On any FCR i have ever worked on, the spring sits between the diapragm and the AP cover. You should have a strong AP squirt, even if the motor is not running.

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