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KX 250 Igniton replacement.

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hello all,

I run a Kx250 2000 model on a superkart.

got it tuned and was pumping out out a decent 65 horses. ( had a fair bit of work done to the barrel.)

The other day one of the wires shorted out and seem to have fried the cdi unit - a vortex.

so I rang around to get a another cdi unit- vortex australia said that they do not support the two strokes any more.

I ended up getting another vortex for a 95' kx250, this was complete with stator. I connected it all up and still cannot get a spark out of it. the questions I have are.

1. does anyone know where i can get a wiring diagram for the old vortex cdi's? (Vortex do not support this product and cannot supply one) I have the kwaka one but this does not tell me what wires match on the cdi.

2. does anyone know of people that still make a plug and play cdi unit for a kx250 two stroke?

3. one of the six wires coming from a stator, doe this connect straight to the battery?

thanks for any help, next step for me is jsut to go back to stock ignition if I can't get a wiring diagram or aftermarket ignition.

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