Heavy Duty Tube

Hello all!

I do alot of desert riding.

I got a nail in my tire last weekend, so when I replaced the tube, I went with a heavy duty Moose tube.

I went out this weekend, I seemed to have alot less rear traction.

Do you guys run less air pressure with the heavy duty tube? I ran around 13 psi. Do they just perform less than a regular tube?

Any tips would be great!



I run Ultra heavy duty tubes with 9-10 psi, on the east coast though. In my standard tubes (new bike with stock tires/tubes, will upgrade to UHD with new tires) I run 12-13 psi. Only flats I've had are from nails.

Thanks for the reply!

I will lower the PSI and give it a go.


Those Moose tubes are tough. I race hare scrambles/ tight woods with Moose tubes running 8.5lbs front and rear. Yet to pinch flat a Moose tube. Your rim is more at danger, but the traction is awesome.

Every HD tube I have ever used would loose air pressure from sitting. Make sure you re-check the pressure before every ride.

I use 12 PSI

When I switched to the MSR Ultra Heavy Duty tubes, I did feel the need to drop tire pressures slightly -- about 2 psi from what I recall.

This is very practical information that I will use. Thanks for the thread Isaac G and for the replies. I have some heavy duty tubes ready to install and I will be prepared to drop my PSI accordingly. :smirk:

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