Easton 5/21


Don you asked for my opinion and I'm going to give it to you. CONGRATULATIONS:thumbsup: The track was in the best condition I've seen in years! I'm glad you guys are listening, although sometines we get tired of screaming. I can see you and Chris spent a lot of time dumping sand and mulch on to the track and it made a HUGE difference. 1. Traction all day long; not the usual concrete slab. 2. Mulch held moisture which created some good lines thru the turns and challenging breaking bumps. 3. The new disc set up did an awesome job I heard a lot of positive comments and some suggestions. 1. You should post a sign to let riders know what times you will do major track maintainence. I've got to give you a B for the day. Keep improving, be consitent and I mjght give you an A:banana:

thank's Shaun, i hope with some more changes coming to the track in the near future and some changes to the hours pops is makeing that we'll get that A. check out the web site as it is now updated on a regular basis.eastonmx.com.

I was there on Sunday the 12th and thought the track was awesome! Lots of fun. Corners were great was able to try out different lines all day long and was agressive in all of them. Didnt have to tip toe anywhere on the track. The jumps are all forgiving for the most part and having the option to choose the large jump or the smaller one makes it much safer. Havent been there since the DELMARVA mx days due the track going downhill but its great better than ever if you ask me.

They need to do a better job flagging though. Many, many people fell without them knowing at all, not safe. I had to tell them once and that guy had 6 people/bikes around him helping him up. Riders there did a great job of doing the flagging but it shouldnt be up to the riders and spectators if you ask me.

All in all I had a great time and will be back for sure.

A/B riders will probably be bored with the jumps as I am a C rider and did all the jumps there by the end of the day pretty easily. But there are plenty of places to practice different lines, whoops, and tons of great corners to carve up. So its still worth it for higher level riders for sure. I used to race C like 5 years ago anyway havent raced in a long time. When im fresh and attacking the track I might maybe be a mid pack B rider haha but that goes away after a lap or two. At the gym twice a day right now to get that endurance and stregnth back though.

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