81 XR 200R sticky throttle

Hi there

just did a complete carb cleaning and trying to adjust the idling

now sometimes when I hit the throttle she stays idling really high till I hit the throttle again any ideas what's going on?



I was experiencing the same problem with my son's XR80 and i took apart the throttle cable, with some wd40 and lube the cable from both ends and pull it back and forth like 20 times until it was moving free and smooth, this will make a sticky cable nice and smooth and will last for a very long time!

I'll try that right away-thanx

It is the Pilot jet. She is clogged.

Do a search and you will find people that had the same problem.

Either take the jet out and blow her clean with compressed air or just start fresh with a new one for $5.

I had the exact same issue. My bike 02 xr 200 would start up fine but when I would give her any gas at all it would hold a high idle until I adjusted the idle screw then it would die.

Good luck to you and good riding.

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I'll do that

Thank you so much

Also: there are two very small discharge ports in the floor of the venturi that are fed by the pilot jet, and are easily fouled by dirt and bad gas. In addition they are difficult to clean. The port closest to the engine is fed by the mixture screw. If either of these becomes fouled the bike is hard to start cold and will have a poor idle with exhaust popping during decel.

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