Kdx 220 will not fire! Please Help!

I'm new to the world of dirt bikes and recently bought a kdx 220 and have never had any problems with it. I start the bike about every other day or so to keep it clean and it started and ran just fine that weekend and the next day but then nothing. A few days after riding the bike would not fire up at all. I have not been able to start my bike since the day after i went riding 2 weeks ago. Please help me out if you know the problem, I have already changed the spark plug and got a new ignition coil what else could this be?

Also i dont know if this helps but my engine stop button went bad the day i went riding so i had to put it in 1st and stall it a few times to shut off.

Get a new kill switch

Already got one and it still won't start

Clean the carb and air filter check compression. If non of that works check the timing.

Before you get all crazy -- try this --

turn off the fuel petcock. Lay the bike on its side, watch fuel run out of the overflow lines. When it stops coming out of the overflow lines, stand the bike back up. Turn the fuel back on. Wait for 15-20 second for the bowl to refill. Give it a couple of easy kicks to prime it. Then, press easily on the kick starter until you feel it come to a "hard place" in the stroke. This should be TDC. Then give it one swift hard kick and it should start up. Dont touch the throttle when starting unless its already flooded. In which case, you will need to hold it WFO and kick about 3 times, just be ready to let off once it fires.

I'll be sure to try this very soon any other suggestions? I had it looked at by a friend and he seems to think the cdi box may be out

Have you tried removing the sparkplug from the engine then putting the sparkplug in the cap then grounding the plug to the motor and then watch for spark to jump the electrode gap while kicking the motor over? Physically looking for spark? The braver ones hold the plug and feel for spark, but looking is good enough!!!

I already did so and I have no spark

time to get the plastics off an chase the electrical.could be youre coil.i had one of my electrical plastic connectors come loose an had no spark on my kx250.check youre grounds too.


check elec box under tank, same thing happened to my kmx.

Thanks ill be sure to keep looking I hope it's just something with the coil don't have the cash for a cdi right now

It is rare for a CDI box to go bad. Once in awhile, but not too often.

If your bike has the OEM stator and still has lights, remove the sparkplug, turn on the lights and kick the bike over. Do the lights flicker or work some while the engine is turning over?

Sometimes a problem like this is a faulty ground, a broken wire, or a corroded connection . The ground wire can come loose or rust up a bit.

Okay turns out it was the cdi box that went bad ..... Apparently it had a broken seal and got water in it..... The guy told me I'm not supposed to pressure wash my bike because that's the reason it got wet , the pressured water can break seals very easily on bikes

Pressure washers are a motorcycle dealers best friend.

Found that out the hard way

Check out this guy in Oregon. oem-cycle. It's like salvage yard for motorcycles. I bought a lot of stuff over the years from this guy. He has a ebay site, but you can call him direct and he'll ship it to you. I think from 1996 on up, the cdi boxes were the same. He'll probably have one

Little Jeff

I bet Jeff Fredette would have a used one.

Yeah I got one off of someone on eBay that was parting of an 04 kdx got the cdi box for 85$

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