What is wrong with my back wheel?

I don't know if I am the only with this problem, my back wheel is closer o the right side than the left side (chain side). I check the measurements from the swingarm bolt to the axle on both sides and they are even. Check out the pics:



This is a Dunlop D607 150/70 and I am going to put a shinko 705 150/70, but looks wider. So do you guys think I should just bring the wheel down to a shop and have them offset my rim closer to the chain side?

As the chain streches the axle will move back on the swing arm, as the axle move back the tire will also. There will be an increase of clearane on the right side.

How much more can the chain adjust to? - It looks new in the picture.

Are you in the lower number of the cam?

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Atempt to clarify
As the chain streches there Will be more of a clearane on the right side.

How much more can the chain adjust to?

Are you in the lower numbers of the cam?

You don't adjust one side for chain stretch, the numbers on both sides of the axelbbolt should match

Check that wheel alignment marks on the swing arm are on the same mark on each side..

To confirm accuracy ,run a straight edge from the countershaft sprocket to the rear sprocket...

Use a piece of string.. Loop it around a tooth closest to the stator. Take it straight back to the rear sprocket. When the string just touched the CS sprocket evenly, you are holding the string in perfect alignment to the counter shaft sprocket..Now check the rear sprocket to see that the string just touches it front and back..

I'd be using a pair of straight edges to verify the front to rear wheel alignment, wheel offset, cam adjuster accuracy...

The cam adjuster are both on "2" and from the lat measurements, I think the adjusters are accurate.

Looks as if the wheel sits off center in the swing arm. sure it may be straight as can be but off center. confused, I am. Did you just have some new tires put on? Check to see if all the parts or spacers were put back in correctly. Stand back and look at the chain is it straight from the front sproket to the rear sproket. if it angles to the right side. your right not mine, something wasnt put back together right. hope this gives you somewhere to start.

Is the rim offset? StOck rims?

Stock rims are offset to clear the chain.

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