Any southern WI or northern IL lady riders?

Just thought I'd check and see if any ladies (or other families) in the area ride trails? The family and I ride, and just spent 2.5 hours riding with our son (7 yrs. old), but might be nice to ride now & again with another gal who rides locally. I have a kdx200, and this is will be my 2nd summer riding that bike. Rode a borrowed ktm300 the summer prior. Other than that, just putz'd around on the kid's xr100.

We have a 1/2 mile trail at our in-laws that we ride on for practice along with a neighbor's trail thru their 1 acre property. Otherwise, rode a 4 mile loop on some private property last Fall with some decent challenges. So looking to get some more experience by just plain riding!:smirk:

Update: Got another hour or so of riding in last night with hubby, our two daughters & son! Can't wait to ride some more...maybe yet today!!

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Ok, so asked the hubby if I could try riding his xr400...



Here's a few pics from the other day when we rode at the neighbor's trail - for now, these are of our son & my hubby, will have to add some of me when I get some taken

At the entrance...


A small jump in the middle section of the trail





No ladies on here are from our area...bummer. :smirk:

Ah well, guess I'll just have to ride with the boys this summer then. I'm having fun rolling on the throttle harder thru corners to get through to the next part of trail quicker and faster. It helps to ride with the hubby and our son & middle daughter, they ride fast & hard, and it pushes me to try and keep up. My daughter even told me I'm not pokey anymore - :smirk:, she was quite impressed on how fast I was riding my cycle & sliding around the corners. I almost bit the dust the other day, rolled on a bit too hard while still cornering and about wiped out the back end, but managed to recover and keep on going. Now, I just need to learn to jump it some, instead of just rolling over - I'm getting there. They make it look so easy...

I just came across this thread. I live in eastern iowa and have been looking for other women to ride with also. All of my riding buddies are guys. I don't know how far you live from here but i know of a couple of groups from wisconsin that come here to ride.

Oh good to know. We are south central WI. We bought our one daughter's kx85 in Moline, IL and traveled across the border to Davenport just for the fun of it. We also got one of my hubby's GL1000's in Wyoming, Iowa. But both trips were at least a few hours each way, so a long day trip. Might work out over a weekend to come ride.

We'll be in touch come riding season...Spring!!:bonk:

That would be great. Can't wait for spring to get here and get out riding.

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