A pic of my 250R and a question

Here is my 91, i just put in a new coil and it runs good again, as far as i know the motor is all stock. A few weeks ago i rode a stock XR400 and was very impressed with the power diffrence between the two. Here is the question, with a big bore kit, ground header welds, opened up air box, possible more agressive cam and possibly a better carb and maybee even porting the head, will there be a night and day diffrence from its current performance? And at what cost $1200? At the end of all that will it be a hot bike with an old suspension and a steel frame? Or should i look for a CRF250X




simple new bike..... sell yours put the money into a new one....economy sucks ..... there are great deals there....

simple new bike..... sell yours put the money into a new one....economy sucks ..... there are great deals there....

The bike you have there looks like a nice spare bike, drop the money on a nice used xr400 .

There is a 230L at my local honda shop that is a 2008 that is left over, it is under 4k. I am very tempted to buy it honestly. It is sweet little bike but just that, little. The bike next to it is a XR650L that is an 09 that is 6k. Just throwing that out there to make things complicated.

You can get a bit more out of the 250 engine with a 77 or 78 mm piston kit, but you will still be stuck with very outdated suspension. If you can find a shock and forks from a '96 or later 250, they are quite a bit better but still in need of revalving/respringing to get the most out of the 250.

Ok lets say i did heavily mod this engine, for thoes who have built big bores, is there a big diffrence over stock. It would be fun to build an engine, but if its not a big diffrence it may not be worth it.

my bike is a '87 250,snorkle removed,uni filter,ground out headers,78mm bore =284cc,keihin fcr35,stock cam,

it pulls a lot harder than stock,when i bought the bike ,about 18 months back,it already had the big bore ,and was a great little trail bike,then i pulled the snorkle out,fitted the uni filter with the less restrictive cage,and did the header welds and rejet, that made a noticeable improvement in throttle response and power,i was quite happy with it as it was then,

then someone gave me the keihin fcr35 pumper, and what a difference,instant power and much quicker,really is like a different bike,now these carbs dont come cheap,there is no way i could have found the £500 they sell for in the uk,but the difference it made was huge,if your looking for more go from your 250 the big bore and carb is the way to go ,in my opinion,i would avoid the mikuni 33mm pumper,my mate has one on his 280 and the thing has been a real pain to set up

the smaller the displacement the ceiling of "improvement" is smaller too.

250cc can only do so much.

Would be a mistake (IMO) to put 1k into the motor of such a bike.

It WILL still be a small motor with crappy suspension.

Sell it and buy something else.

I change my mind about once an hour about modding it or buying a CRF250X with a aluminum frame. Do all the 250X bikes have a head and tail light? It looks like i have seen some 250X with out a head light.

If you are tempted by a CRF, you aren't (likely) going to be happy with a modded 25 year old XR.

The only time it makes 'sense' ($$) is if you have no interest in CRF's (me) and want to maximize an XR to keep long term. JMO

If you like XR as is and want to get a bit more, yes.

If you want it to be like a CRF, no.

u can get a nice crf250x for under 3k

Yes all 250x came stock w/ head and tail lights. Some remove if they never plan on riding at night. Looks like your 250 is plated? Can you plate a 250x in Michigan? And if you can how much do you ride road?... The higher compression pancake piston of a 250x is less than ideal for road miles.

Just depends what your primary use would be?

I think your 250r w/ some suspension work, could be great for woods and tight single-track, or short commuter bike.

If you like to go fast, leave the ground, electric start, etc etc then the 250x would be a far superior bike.

You mention couple times about aluminum frames... don"t quote me on this but i don't think aluminum frame vs steel frame has any weight savings? As their is so much more material in a aluminum frame than steel. The difference is the rigidity. Steel flexes where the well gusseted aluminum does not.

Yes my bike is plated and i do intend on riding it on the street. I have seen several 250X bikes plated in Michigan so it must be ok. I liked the alum frame just because it looks so much newer.

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