injured list?

My girlfriend has some blisters on her left hand, and I have an addiction to good tequila. Does that count?

well for my part i have a newly pinned broken wrist,, very weak

rode on it again for the first time in months a few weeks back,,,

dropped the bike ,,,header pressed against my leg and wrist was too weak to lift the bike off me,,,

result, pair of burnt fox360's and a deep burn on my leg that looks like something from an evil dead film,,,

they say that header gets to 600degrees,,, AND I BELIEVE EM.

roll on sunday,,,riding day



"when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"

haha i didnt realise we where posting old injuries too,,,,

last year i broke my tail bone [ damn them whoops]

and also bust my right knee up at the same time...

but gimme a broken bone as opposed to a trapped under bike, header pipe burn anytime

i hope no one thinking of taking up dirt biking reads this forum,,,

we will put em off for life

how many of us worry about the risks?

i personally worry about em a lot,,,,,,till i hear the thunderous noise from my exhuast...

then its just red mist all the way :)


"when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"


The 120ft tabletop Jump was actually on a future golf course near my house! I didnt know how big it was at the time...but afterwards we went out and measured it! The scary part was I tried it on an XR200! LOL

It is funny when I think back, but it sucked at the time!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Originally posted by motoman393:

The 120ft tabletop Jump was actually on a future golf course near my house!

Should be nice and soft landing now with all that manicured grass on it...

Here's my list of scars & hurts:

1994, Gave myself,permanent hernia from CR250 Handlebar edge/end stabbing me in the stomach after miscalculated triple(damn 2stroke)Had to take 2 years off........

1999, My wife broke her collarbone - endo'ed over a big single, then she broke the other side last Oct.2000 - thrown off her horse....

(But now at least she matches)

2001 Feb, spun out,wrenched my rightshoulder & sternum during 1st lap warmup at local track Thanks to too much throttle on mud & rock track. This one still bothers me........

I hit a newly strung barbed wire fence 2 years ago. Nearly cut me in half. I've got a scar from ear to ear. I kinda look like Clint Eastwood in Hang Em High.

Originally posted by Hick:

“(Sob) I knew I wasn’t alone!!!”

Broken left scapula in two places, .

Luckily mine was just cracked but the crack extended into the joint. Now I can always tell when a cold front is coming in by the ache in my right shoulder. A few fast laps though and it goes away :)



99'YZ-400 (Mine)

00' TT-R 125 (Hers)

91' KX-125 (Son #1)

93' CR-80 (Just sold it. Looking for another TTR125 for Son #2)

99' PW-80 (Son #3)

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Lot's of pain in this thread, and I wanted to add my 2 cents.

-Both knees:ACL and meniscus, needed 6 total sugeries

-R Shoulder: Rotator cuff, needed 2 surgeries

-R Ankle: Total reconstruction, needed 1 surgery

-L Wrist: Pinned together, needed 2 surgeries

-R Thumb: Avulsion fracture, needed 1 surgery

This is but a partial list. Good news is that none happened on a dirt bike, bad news is that I am now so beat up, I am very cautious.... no 120' golf course tabletops for me. I just love to go fast with at least 1 tire on the ground.


Get this: Gate drops, straight leads into a 180 right hand switchback. Turn has a nice bank to it. So when the gate falls, I check out by one bike length. Lock up the back to slide into the turn, throttle pinned, right leg out for balance, and just as I am getting ready to pull the trigger, the moron behind me doesn't know how to use his brakes, and hits my right leg square on the buckles of my tech 8's. All I heard was something that sounded like someone snapping a pencil. "CRRRRACK"!

Tib/Fib and Talus/navicular in ankle.

Doc said that if I had not had on the trusty CTI's, would have been real bad. 3 surgeries and 1.5 years later, I'm back at the track.

Funny thing though, it never really hurt bad. Just sort of ached. The surgery bill is what hurt the most. Go fig?


Mr. Wizard says: "Go BIG, or go home!"

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first day i had my first bike, decided to be like motoman 393 and try this little jump...right into a tree, still have a nice gap in my muscle on my right inner thigh (thank GOd i hit the inner thigh, not the jewels). that was 1 year ago, then im on my BBR400 tryin to impress Mr. 5 time world vet champion, decide to hot shot in in 4th around a corner instead of 3rd like usual, hit a off camber 50 foot jump, the bike swaps on me,i go over the bars, knock myself out (i was going about 50). brain swole up resulting in temporary paralyzation on the right side of my body (left side of the brain swole up) only paralyzed for about an hour (on the way to the hospitol) now the veins in my head are thin, and the ones on the top of my brain have been concaved, creating not enough blood flow when i ride MX, meaning i can ride hard for about 30 minutes, then i gotta rest for sux. but man i love these bikes!!!


Eric...You havent been the same since the accident! That explains it! LOL Nice excuse now lets ride!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

You can add me to the list with a 3rd degree AC joint shoulder separation. Out for about 6 weeks. What really bites is that I have to miss at least the next two races in our series and I was 2nd in points. Anyone else have this injury, and how long did it take you to heal? I'm hearing scary stories about other people that their shoulder never healed properly. Don't want this to happen.


John E. Walker


Two broken ribs, couldnt breath without tons of pain meds, should be riding again next week.

i'm out with the worst accident possible -> a new SON!!!!

ok, ok, he was not an accident.

'99 broke left femur in 3 place, 3rd degree seperated shoulder, 11 stiches in chin. all one accident. surgery on knee.

'00 broke 3 ribs and elbow, 3 stiches in elbow too.

'01 surgery on knee. 6 x-rays say wrist is spraigned, not broke.

john, the shoulder can come back. just takes time. took me 3 weeks to lift more than a spoon.

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