DR-650 Crank-case vent

Since i've pulled out the OEM airbox and am running a K&N filter on a custom intake i've been using a small crank case vent filter at the end of about 46 cm (18") of fuel injection hose that hangs just below the intake filter which sticks out of the left side of the frame. I've had no issues with oil blowing out or dripping out of the filter so am wondering if i can get away with finding and using a crank case filter attached directly to the fitting at the back of the motor. Used to run my SR-500 this way with no issues, so just wondering.

What do you professionals think?

Thanks and cheers.

I understand that the length of hose is needed so that if the bike is inclined back, oil from the rear of the motor can flow up the tube and then drain back when level again. So if you ride mostly street, putting the filter right on the motor should probably be OK.

Let us know what you experience because I too have considered this alteration.

I think you are taking a big chance without the extension hose. The last thing you want to do is puke oil right in front of your rear tire.

Are you still running the custom plumbing that vents the oil fill plug, inspection plug and the OEM crank case vent? If not why not?

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