help up grading my crf 230f 2007

i have a crf 2007.

i want my bike to be faster,stronger,every thing possibul without any side effects,i also want to put a dual exhaust on it but not sure if possible and it will affect the motor capacity.i use it for everyday use,and i put passenger pegs on it so 2 people can be on it.i also want to use it for mx racing,can i?

ps sometimes it throws a little bit of white smoke when i acelerate it hard.what could i do about that??

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forgot to add stuff

you want your cake and eat it too huh! you have to give to get. read past posts standard power up mods, 11:1 piston, cam may or may not change sprockets some choices for suspenion poke around great web site

can you give me a list of stuff.i dont realy know much about mods or anything for dirt bikes. i also dont want to do anything to affect it in my every day use.

with the money your going to invest in what you want to do you might want to consider a crf250X

its that i want to upgrade it slowly not everything at the same time

i also want to know if puting to people on it wont affect the motor and shocks

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yeah like i said i use it in every day use so i ride with a passenger somtimes.

what i want for mods is stuff to buy for it

The 230F subframe is not really made strong enough for another person to be sitting on the back end of the bike all the time.

Honda makes the 230L for that.

So, if you must ride two up, just be careful, and keep checking the subframe for bending.

iv been using it like that since 2007 and i add a head light to it

Very interesting...

can you show pictures of your rear passenger footpegs?

i have no baja kit or any thing on my crf. i just got the stator witch cost $150 and the light works like a charm.

I think it's pretty cool that you've done all that to your 230.

I once took my 230F on the street and rode for 2 hrs with the bike in 5th gear, the throttle wide full open, and I covered 100 miles on the highway in 2 hours solid. Proved to me that my 230f motor is bulletproof. :smirk:

so what upgrades can i do to it to make it better?

put a pro circuit t-4 on it they sound good they dont make double exhaust for this bike im getting rid of my crf230f for a yz 125 becausse it doesnt have enough bark for me

i cant adapt a double exhuast on it?

Dual exhaust on this bike would be worthless. Theres a reason why the factory honda guys switched to a single exhaust on the 250r's. If you want to increase power, bump up the compression with a high compression piston and throw in a cam.

Isnt the 230f a six speed because mine was. Also if you have not done it do the power up kit, its cheap and makes a big difference.

can you guys give me some links to some quality stuff and that will fit it.i dont want to buy stuff thats no good or will not fit.

thanks for the advise.

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