help up grading my crf 230f 2007

with the money your going to invest in what you want to do you might want to consider a crf250X

@slaydirt... No joke bro, I added CRF150R forks, and Works shock on my CRF230. I used the recommend power up kit. And on tight trails and some fire roads, I rip the heart out of a lot of CRF250x...

No one could of told me this was possible until I did it for myself. I was out to make the 230 out of my practice bike. Yeah a bike I could ride without doing any more top end rebuilds.

The 230 with proper suspension is worth every penny and then some with proper suspension. If you do a cam with high compression cam. You'd have damn fun bike:banana: With thoughtless top end rebuilds:banana:

Don't knock it until you try it:thumbsup:

230L or 250X. You're trying to polish rust....go sell it and buy a piece of silver.

i want to fix it up slowly not all at onese

will the front forks of a cr 125 or 250 1984 fit on my crf?

will the front forks of a cr 125 or 250 1984 fit on my crf?

If you go to Reger Engineering they will sell you their kit for conversion of the CRF150R. You send them your bought 150r clamps. They send them back modifide. Buy your forks, and clamps on e-bay. You should be able to get it done with $800.00

Many Top end rebuild will cost you more than this.

i put the xr250,27mm carb for my crf230f 2007 and want to jet it, witch jet kit should i put on it,the one for the xr250 or the one for the 230f?

i want to put as well 250 big bore kit on it do i change the cylinder or keep the stock?do i have to bore the stock cylinder or do i leave it the way it is?

right now im trying to fix the bike up.i have it dissmanteled because the valves where bent and the rings are a little wasted. so im thinking of doing the above.

everything in the bike motor is stock. havnt opened the bike since i got it(4 years ago). only doing the normal maintenece.

i have no baja kit or any thing on my crf. i just got the stator witch cost $150 and the light works like a charm.

how do i remove my stator

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