CR80R carb problems

Just recently replaced the throttle cable on my 99 cr80 expert. Where the cable inserts into the carb it will not sit up vertically. It lays on its side on top of the carb. This is causing the cable to rub on the outside of the hole on top of the carb and its starting to tear it up. It is connected and functioning but i want to stop the wear and tear on the cable. How can i fix this? Should i just buy a new cable?

There should be a brass screw on top of the carb that the cable goes through to keep it vertical. If it is there and the cable is still flopping over, no clue. A new cable would probably be your best bet. That way you know that you won't have to worry about it binding/breaking.


Just took the carb cap off and the cord is almost shredded completely. Thats probably why my bike has been acting so weird lately haha. I just ordered a new cable off ebay for 14 dollars. I have a friend that is going to help me make sure its properly installed.:smirk:

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