Mounting GPS on bike

I'm in the process of mounting my RINO 120 GPS onto my BRP, using a RAM brand handlbar mount. Does any one have experience good or bad, with GPS's mounted on their bikes?

I use the Touratech mount in conjunction with the RAM mount for my GPS V and it works great. The only downside is a lack of coverage in some areas, but it physically holds up well over the whoops, bumps, jumps, etc.

I'd like to know how the Rino 120 ram-mount holds up? I had a Rino 120 mounted to my bars using Garmins own handlebar mount, and now my GPS unit is sitting somewhere in the middle of Baja. Had a great outcome though... sent in the mount and Garmin replaced my Rino 120. Is the ram mount with the U-bolt for securing to the bars? Let me know how it works.

Yes it's the RAM that has the "U" bolt on the bars, and a 1" hard rubber ball at both ends of the mount. A plastic cradle is bolted to the second ball. Now, after mounting it on my bike, it looks "goofy", like a universal fit-all mount, and doesn't place the GPS unit where it really should go, but some of that problem is because the Scotts stabilizer is in the way.

Soooo the hell with the fit-all, I stole the cradle off it, used 3 rubber isolators, and fabbed up an aluminum 2 pc. unit that places the GPS right where it belongs. The main brkt mounts under the Scotts unit. As soon as I figure out how to post pics, I'll do so.

Got a RAM with the Touratech on top and a safety leash should my GPS III+ pop off. Got it from Cyco Active . Also have the electrical wire with fuse. Decent setup but costly and tends to stand up above the bars. Not sure how it will hold up to the trees or sheep at Stonewall's farm. :)

I really like the Touratech mounts, but as of now, they don't have one for the RINO series, so that's why I made my own. The RINO's run on 4.5 vdc, the BRP uses 12vac, so I have to purchase, and mount a rectifier, and then some how get the voltage down to 4.5 from as of right now, I'm going to use a 4 AA cellpack(with one cell missing=4.5v) remotely mounted to run the unit this weekend so I can evaluate my new mount.

loufish, Let me know how your mount holds up. If you're willing to male another, I'd buy from you. Let me know.


I'll give you guys a full report...That link I used takes you to a site were you have to sign up to view my photos...that's no good...

Lets try this...


P.S. I didn't forget the nylocks...just wasn't done yet

I'm using a Garmin eMap in the Ram mount on my 650L. I wrap the lanyard around the bars so my GPS won't go bye-bye if the mount fails, though.

The Ram mount holds the GPS nice and tight...mine has survived a couple of pretty good biffs without letting go. It does sit a little high, but I just leave the mount a bit loose so it'll fold down in a crash rather than hold tight and break something.

As far as having the GPS itself on the bike, it's great. Mark a waypoint at camp and you're never lost! :) The only problem I have is with the unit shutting off from shock when running it on the batteries....gonna look into wiring it up to solve that one.

CycloActive reccommends taping the batteries together to minimize shorting out. Check out thier site and look at the pics.

Finally got the bike out this weekend, my new GPS mount works awesome, I can glance down, and see the screen, even in the sun. I displayed the speedo/odometer in big numbers for a while, then switched to the navigation page, which has the compass ring, and then went to the map page, which shows my location, and the route I'm following.

A couple of things...I purchased a 4 cell, AA, 6 volt remote plastic battery holder, (Radio Shack $3) made a dummy battery to get the voltage down to 4.5 for the RINO series, and used Garmins adapter with the cig lighter part cut off, wired in some Weather Pak connectors and mounted all this right behind the number plate, clear of the Scotts unit.

I'm going to head down to Office Depot to find some clear plastic protectors to use on my display screen, I think they make them for the PDAs, my screen got dusted over, but as long as you don't try to wipe it off dry, it shouldn't scratch up. I sprayed(lightly) water on the unit to clean off the screen.

Hey Loufish,

How do you like your rhino 120?

I'm thinking of getting one.

Have you used the radio yet? I like that you can see the position of who you're talking to, that seems like it might come in handy.

Did you have vibration problems with the batteries before you fixed up the remote battery setup?

Can you download topo maps that show trails and stuff?

I like the radio/gps combo but can't decide if I should buy separate gps and radio. It would be cool to hook up some kind of helmet mic but if you mount the rhino to the handle bars don't you have to have a wire going there for that? I saw that baja designs has a head set with a mic button on the handlebars, so does that set up have a wire from your head to the handle bars? I don't think I like that.

I already have a garmin e-trex but the way the garmin handlebar mount works is stupid and I want to be able to down load maps. I guess I should have done some more research before I bought it.

Thanks for your insight

I do like the RINO 120, but I'm not happy with the radio, I might send mine back, its so weak you can't use it more then 100 ft apart. Now, that being said, I don't want a cable running from it to my helmet, so I'm thinking about the helmet communications discussed in another thread here on the board. I can see the display pretty good in full sunlight, and my new mount seems to work real well with my Scotts Stabilizer (the GPS mount bolts under the Scotts unit) I can scroll thru the buttons and features with my gloves on. I download Topo maps to my unit all the time...a really awsome deal.

I never ran it without the remote battery pack, I was afraid of ruining the contacts in the unit. The Mapsourse Software has a lot of trails, but they aren't marked, just shown. Before I go out, I load up maps of the area, and have used it to get "home".

I went to the ham radio place here in burbank and talked to the guys there about it. They said is has GMRS radio that you have to sign up with the FCC with. It also has the FRS radio that most people have. They said the GMRS has a distance of about 5 miles while the FRS has about 2 miles.

Maybe you should try the GMRS radio before you get rid of it. The only draw back I see is no helmet mic. I don't know how much talking I would really do while on the go anyways.

I've been using Magellan's Sporttrak and Meridian on both my bike (XR650) and my quad (Bomb DS650)... I hard wired them into the 12v system... and use the "cycle" mount provided from Magellan... it works excellent. (I ride mostly in Mex on those two bikes... riding 300+ miles in two days on average. Lots of whoops, ruts, and bone jarring hits.)

I did have to drill the mounting screws through the mount and plastic... they pulled out once on a really rough 380mile trek. It was super easy to remedy...

If you'd like... I've got some pictures of the quad mount, and maybe some of the bike on my site. But I think the bike pix are of my old mount for the 410 magellan. Not sure... check it at; http://www.johnnyairtime.NET be sure to click on the picture or link to the quad or XR.

I hope that helps.


I just saw your comment about radio and a GPS...

I use both. Seperate units.

REASON: If one breaks... you still have the other to rely on!!

Also... my GPS is mounted to my bike. I crash the bike... and it's likely to be damaged... come off... something. If not, great.

My Radio, is mounted to me. I use a Vertex VX-10 VHF. Awesome radio. Great distance. And I have the BAJAD setup in my helmet with mic and ear speakers (in foam). I tie the radio to my chest protector... and it all works great.

OH ya.. and everything it pretty much water resistant. NOT WATER PROOF!! Nothing is! We ride in rain on occasion... and I don't care what manufacturer tells you they're system is water proof... or floats... or... water still can get in. Don't ask me how... it just does. So I take extra precaution in rain and wrap components in ziplocs or some kind of water repellant like cellophane.

If you're a serious rider, want a great setup... than pay the extra bucks for separate units. My radio setup is high dollar... like $400. But all my buddies run them too. My GPS and mount... something like $250 (the mount's only $25).

Cycoactive mount, Garmin 5 and Magellan 315 with their mount, destroyed my first Magellan with the bike mount, shook it apart internally, dont use it anymore the garmin seems to be holding up well in the cyco mount. I would send you a picture if I could figure out how


So.. I had an intial problem with my Magellan (Sportrak) too... it shut down I believe due to the beating it took. But came back to life and never shut down again. My Meridian 'color' has worked well so far. All on the bike mount.


Which Garmin are you using?? And does it allow remote power (12v)?? Does it secure easily in the Cyco mount?? Easy on and off the bike? Do you upload to any PC with mapping abilities?? And most importantly... can you save your Peanut trail as you ride?? Meaning, can you save it as different 'tracks', or does it only save as one track from start to finish? The Meridian has a 256mg card in it for this... does the Garmin?? (I currently use Mapsend topo which is excellent)... Let me know!!! My dad sells both Magellan and Garmin, so I'm torn right now.

NOW I'm curious if I'll be selling my Magellan equipment to buy Garmin!!

I use the Garmin 5 map because I use it on my Gold Wing and in my car also. I also have a Garmin 2 that I use. I switched to all garmin as I have the mounts on the XRL and one on the wing and one in my vehicle so I can switch from one to another. I have all of them powered thru power cords, direct to the bike battries, that way you don't have to turn them on everytime you shut the bike off. I bought the Garmin topo CD to use with the track portion of the GPS, but I am not satisfied with their topo program, I use Maptech topo for creating maps, and any downloading of tracks etc. for off road use. I like this program much better as there is a lot more detail in it. There are also two differn't scales you can use for viewing USGS maps a 1/24000 scale and a 1/ 100000 scale The cyco mount locks the GPS in nicely, a little expensive, but so is the GPS, I also have a small lanyard that I attach to the GPS just in case it would happen to come off.

It has the capability to store 10 tracks, and I have never had it overwrite a track, I know it can store over a hundred miles on one track.

The 5 has 19MB of memory that can be added for more detail maping. I find the CD that Garmin sends with the 5 is good enough for most of my rides, when you up load the detailed maps for an area, shows all the county and federal forest roads. Where I live I can almost cover the area from Milwaukee to Lake Superior on detailed maps.

Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you a couple of pictures of the GPS mounted on my L etc.

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