1983 CR125 Plan B (or C...)

I have a 1983 CR125 with typical corrosion issues for an early 80's water-cooled CR.

Since I can't get the parts for the bike, I thought I'd check out other options beyond trying to repair the motor. Sad thing is, this bike is in great condition and I'd hate to see it just sit there for another 4 years.

So... have any of you ever swapped the motor on these bikes? I don't even know what would fit, but thought an old ATC motor might work.

Anyone have any ideas? I told my mechanic buddy I want to turn it into a Frankenbike if I can't get it running soon.

that is crazy !!

I am Guessing that the corrosion is in the water pump area? Can you build it back up with JB weld? (then moto-tool it or machine it back down,) Or have it welded? you don't have much to loose.

Bikeboneyard.com has one. I don't think you will like the price there either ($175).

Bike boneyard is still in business? I have called a few times, with no luck. I'd pay the $175 in a heartbeat. I'd be able to get that CR running, race it a few times and sell it. I'm only about a $1k into it.

Right now Jerry Morrison is working on the crankcase cover I gave him. I'm hoping he can work some magic like he did for his '83 CR250.

He'll fix it. Tell him I have his chain guide when you see him, see ya in a couple weeks.

BTW, my 85 250 cover came out pretty good with JB, it wasn't rotted all the way through. I just need a waterpump shaft and a couple of odds and ends to complete it.

Bike boneyard's website is up, don't know if he is still in business.

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