30 000km. What will I need?

G'day all,

My Drz400sm is almost reaching 30,000kms. What kind of things will I need to replace or service once it has reached said distance?

Will items such as timing chain, valves and valve springs need to be replaced?

The timing chain has developed a rattle and the when I start the bike the starter seems to keep spinning for a second after it has started.

At the moment it has a JD jet kit for the standard carbs, full exhaust and 3x3 mod and air filter. Otherwise standard.

Some of the things I'd like to get are the larger fcr carb mcct bb kit but what else are some of the things I need.

Thanks in advance for your help

ok .. go for a 94mm big bore cylinder works kit , recondition the head , new cam chain cant hurt . MCCT and do the free power mod & loctite fixes .

test the stator output , i recondition the stator every 20000 klm anyway . i ride mostly dirt so i try to eliminate any type of failure which can lead to being stuck in the middle of nowhere .

the MRD pipe flows well with the B/B KIT and FCR jetting as per the specs .

Thanks for the reply Chooken

What does reconditioning the head involve?

is that replacing springs and valves?

How much should it cost to have cam chain replaced?

I recon I can replace the carb but opening up engine probably not.

head recond = new valves and springs & refurbish valve seats plus new valve stem seals .

get a OEM cam chain price from a stealer ...DID cam chains on e bay are $ 60.00

whoever you use to rebuild your motor remind them of the 43ft~lb torque on the head bolts and copper coat the head gasket

Yeah...and don't use kibblewhite valves.. RHC are the best....

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