Bearing removal, any tips?

Hey guys completely rebuilding my 91 kdx 250 had a little hick- up when I went to take one of the left hand case bearings out. What is the correct way to remove it? Thought I could take a pick and dig it out but it seems to be flush with the case. It's the bearing that cradles the front tranny cog. Any thoughts?

A bearing remover is used for those bearings. I'm not sure what a little hick means but I would just replace it. (

youll need a blind bearing puller. see what your local shop would charge to do it. may be cheaper than buying the puller set.

the kawi dealer down the street pulls those bearing for me for free. the one a few miles away has always charged me $10.

You can buy a blind hole bearing puller set at harbor freight for like 30 bucks. Im sure northern tool has them too. If you have a harbor freight near you, its worth the trip. you will find all kinds of stuff to make your job easier at ridiculously cheap prices. Its all made in china but for those tools you onlu use once in a while they are decent quality and will hold up for years. They also have lifetime warranty on all hand tools. Nice to have the proper stuff when your trying to get a bike up and running at 2am with a race in the morning without paying the snap on prices.

blind bearing puller

Kinda reminds me of how hilti anchors work in concrete, thanks for the advice.

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