crf450 what year to buy?

im looking to buy a used crf450.....what year would be the best 2008, 2009, 2010?....i have heard the 2008 are really good... i currently ride a cr250 would love any help

thank you

I've had a 06 07 and 08 all were great never a single problem A's far A's the newer crf450 I have no idea I got some info from a buddy Who just bought a 2011 and he said he liked his 07 more however I wouldn't hold that to high standard he hasn't had a chance to set up the bike the way he wants to yet compared

I like my 08, not completly sold on fuel injection just yet, like the simplicity of carbs

I like my 08. I asked the same question on TT a few months back and got lots of positive feed back on the 08. I pulled the trigger on the 08. So far glad I did. Fromwhat I can tell from all posters on TT 08 was a good year for Honda CRFs. Good Vintage year!

07-08 with the fewest hours you can find. Look for a bike that is still on it original tires.

2009 is far the best bike!

I've owned CR and CRF of every year, but my CRF ( is the only bike that can compare to the dear light 250 2t, with the unic traction of the 4t. :smirk::smirk::prof:

I have to agree. I have an 05 450r. my brother got a 09 450r... the 09 is faster than my modded 05 AND it feels smaller, lighter, everything. like I was riding a 125. I was able to manhandle it like it was nothing and im not a big guy. I wonder how the 2010 an 11s feel...

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