DR350S Suspension

I have a 93 DR350S. My rear spring is a little too soft for my liking for offroading. I would like to stiffen it up a little and was wondering if a DR350 dirt model spring was stiffer than the dualsport model. Also on the left side is a rebound dampening adjustment screw. It reads [sOFT] and [HARD]. I am wondering if I was to turn it towards [HARD] would this stiffen my rear suspension or not? Help me out. Thanks

The dirt model spring is slightly stiffer -- probably not enough to make the difference you are looking for. There are stiffer springs available.

The rebound adjuster controls how fast the shock returns after being compressed. This will not help stiffen the ride.

The dirt model shock has both compression and rebound dampening adjusters -- that one would help you a bit.

Do you know where I could get a stiffer spring?

Go to www.Racetech.com

Then go to "search" and "product search". You then just select your bike, choose your riding style + weight, and it will give you the recommended spring.

But, I would also call Jesse at Kientech. He carry's Eibach springs and will give you the right spring as well. I ended up going with the Eibach from Jesse. The Rear spring is $100.

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