Advice on hot start XC-F 450 2009

Here is the issue, I got my bike wet in a mud hole,It sucked water in the carb just enough to kill it but did not hydraulic the pistion. There was water in the oil. But I did not sink the bike I pushed it out never started it until it had clean oil. It runs fine now but the hot start does not seem to work the cable is attached. When the bike is hot, To start it all I have to do is hit the button and a little gas and it fires right up. If I try and use the hot start now there is no way it will start. Before I swamped it I always had to use the hot start. I pulled all the jets out of the carb and cleaned them they were fine. Does anyone know how to set the hot start on a 2009 xc-f 450 and what does it do?

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