My 2003 TTR 125l Front break wont work.

We replaced the rim on the bike, now the front break wont work it seems to grab a Lil but is not pumping up enough to stop the bike when it is held in you can turn it with your hand ( we have already bleed the breaks).

When you write 125l do you mean disc front brake?

Did the brake work before you changed the rim? Does the lever pull all the way to the handlebar? Did you open the brake system somewhere?

Did someone squeeze the brake with it disconnected and pop out the piston?

If all the fluid dained out , you will probably have to bleed the master at the master. If you ever have to remove a brake hose, keep the lever pulled with a wire tie or something which will keep the fluid from draining out.

had the similiar thing happen to my 230. just didn't want to grab but it wasn't because i took to wheel off. ended up that i needed to rebuild my master cylinder. after that it worked great. make sure that you bled it correctly before buying a kit for it.

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