08 Shock question

I am wanting to buy a extra shock for my 08 CRF450R. What other year model 450R shocks will fit my 08?

Thanks in advance for the help!


2006-2008 CRF450R shocks should work for sure. While I can't guarantee whether the 02-05 shocks are compatible, I think they may work as well, but check first.. The 2009 and up all use KYB shocks and are suited for a newer generation frame geometry so it would likely not work.

Hope this helps.

Also, I did see some 06-08 CRF450R Shocks on ebay. I just bought a spare shock (to practice rebuilding, and to learn how to revalve...will later be turned into a Frankensteined B-Kit Shock) for my 05 CRF450R last week and it came with the full linkage as well for $100.

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