PW 50 or XR 50

Which is better for a 4 or 5 year to start ridding on? If I decide to have my son race do they race the same class is one better to use for racing. I know racing is mostly the rider just curious.

NO real good answer here, but.... I was tought on a Z50 and it was great experience. I would imagine that you would want something easy to start with then if he gets good enough to race then you could sell and upgrade. Maybe this helps. I just hate asking things on here and no one ever answers. Good luck!


my 3 daughter started on a pw 50 at age three,now she is 6 she is on CRF 50 ,the only difference would be the honda is a 3 speed with a foot rear brake and a little faster.I would personally go with the crf at that age!

PW or XR?

Why not the TTR-50E? Same concept as the XR but it's a Yamaha, so better! :smirk:

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