What sag you guys like to run (07+)

What sag do you all find to work best on supercross type tracks with the 07+ rmz? My 08 is fully revalved and resprung for my weight (140 in full gear).

Factory Connection recommended 110mm but I always thought that was a bit much for the tighter track I ride/race at. I was thinking more like 100?

Also, do you like running the forks higher in the clamps than stock for better turning? I find the rmz gets some headshake as-is.... raising the forks would make this worse.


Maybe even to 104 max.

i don't race SX only MX but i think the rmz has plenty of steering as is. i run my forks down in the clamps and 110+ sag for more stability (and help not tucking the front)

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