anyone know of a gel type seat for the crf250x ?

anyone know of a gel type seat for the crf250x ?

I know this is much better than the 2x4's on ktm's but compared to my XR400, this seat is hard after 5-6 hours in the saddle.

My 250x that I bought has a shaved seat. It was owned by a girl who was short and shaved the seat so she could touch and let me tell you, there is no padding left on it and it is sore after 4-5 hours. A cheaper solution than a gel seat is go spend $30 and get a pair of gel bicycle shorts. Much cheaper than a new seat.

Guts racing has a comfort series foam replacement for around $55 that is an inch wider and a softer foam. It feels much more comfortable than the stock seat, which was still better than a KTM or WR seat.

I bought the guts racing wider seat for my 05 CRF250x and to be perfectlyhonest I noticed no difference between that and the original stock. Meaning there was no real benefit. It looks good and the work is good quality, but I could have better spent my money elsewhere. I am 6'.0", 174 lbs

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