Rm456 Pipe

Hello, I was woundering if anyone could give me some info... I Just bought a 1982 Rm465, nice bike for what I paid... All it needs is a New Pipe & Silincer. I have been serching the net havent been able to find much. I found a dg pipe for $200 and silincer for $89, I think thats going to be my best bet. But what I was woundering is if thier is any other suzuki pipes that will fit, or does anyone know of a company that can make me a pipe, or any other brands besides Dg. Thanks Bob Moore....

Try Pro Form, you can get them through AMS Racing in Phoenix. Jemco can make a custom one as well.

DG is the only aftermarket pipe available that I know of. I know that the silencers are on back order. DG is out of stock.

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