WR250F - Setup list

The suspension is done - finally.

It's smooth as silk too :smirk:

I will be riding this bike in heavy, tight single track. I am an intermediate class rider with moments of better and worse riding skill.

I got a YZF can and header on, a JD kit, done the gray wire mod, removed the AIS, added longer fuel screw and a YZ throttle stop. I added the QuickShot 3 adjustable leak jet but haven't had a chance to make final adjustments there yet. Hour meter is installed, and the stainless oil filter arrived today.

Now that all of this is done, time to add a little protection. Breaking stuff is expensive and I fall from time to time. I have more than once experienced the hindsight that comes with a damaged radiator or busted knuckles due to lack of proper setup.

I know, being 'out for a short ride' are famous last words before shelling out more for the repair than to have the right protection in place to begin with.

I'm trying to set this bike up right, (for once) the first time.

Here's my short list of things I'm going to add to get to what I consider a decent setup.

I'm most interested in a less expensive (quality) option for any of this except the Scott's. I wouldn't even consider adding the triple clamp into the mix except with my height, I need to raise the bars a little anyway and a slight offset on the triple will make steering a little quicker.

If any of you recognize anything I've missed, or know of a better or less expensive option, please chime in.

I want to finish setup on this, and have to worry only about maintenance in the future, not adding additional hardware to the bike.

Scott's dampaner under bar mount and triple clamp $630:


Fastway F.I.T. System 2 bark busters (top clamp mount) $144:


EE Radiator braces $94 :


EE Skid Plate $84.95 :


You will compromise turning with the under bar mount, it moves the bars further back toward you, go for the top bar mount if possible

True, but won't the triple offset will alleviate some of that ?

Looks good..

I have that exact Scott's set-up and love it for off-road riding. The higher bar position makes it a lot more comfortable while standing. I'm sure it effects the steering some but not enough for me to notice.

I have that exact Scott's set-up and love it for off-road riding. The higher bar position makes it a lot more comfortable while standing. I'm sure it effects the steering some but not enough for me to notice.

I don't have a damper for my bikes, but have the 1 1/8 adapters, which raises the bars about 1-1 1/2 inches and I really like the raised bar compared to my buddy's 05 yz250f, that has the same exact suspension setup as mine.

I think I asked you before but I have no short term memory left. Did you ever open up the air box? Not just the snorkel

I did, but I have to wonder what removing the snorkel really does. The snorkel on the 2009 is as open as can be and removing it seems to be about the same as not where air flow is concerned.

I did open up the box on the right side (opposite the air filter quick access).

The Quick Shot 3 is convenience in every way. I got it dialed in today and it is in my mind definitely worth the $103 in time and effort saved alone.

Zero bog, anywhere and the YZF pipe seems to flow enough to really make a difference.

The biggest difference so far is the suspension setup. The bike handles very well and it hasn't bottomed out at all. I hit a funky little downhill kicker this morning and just stayed on the gas. No problem at all, the front just absorbed it like it wasn't even there and landing was nice and controlled.

I didn't fall once over the entire loop and was (somewhat) able to keep up with the two smokes in the tight stuff.

The stock tires aren't bad, but they could use a little more bite in the corners. I got a little wild sliding around a couple but was able to hold it and get on the gas OK.

Uphills are easy as ever, just hit it with a little momentum and stay steady on the gas and the WR just walks right up.

One really rocky downhill was giving us fits because it sprinkled just enough to make it slippery as glass, but we made it past without a get off.

I'm thinking the additional bar height will help all the way around, as standing is still a little cramped. I don't think the Scott's triple is offset enough to affect the front end too much (from what I read), but any improvement in steering gained is always welcome.

I banged up one bark buster hitting a sapling in 3rd gear, but I was hanging on tight trying to get past a two smoke KDX that was eating everyone's lunch and didn't have a get off.

Any cheaper options on a skid plate or better answer on rad guards ?

I am about a week away from having this setup like I want and have been really anxious to get it done. So far it's really nice, but I still feel a little exposed and have really taken care to avoid smashing the cases.

I still think the WR is the best bang for the buck available today for woods riding and so far, setup has been a breeze.

Sweet man!!! Now you can change your name!


I would, but if I did that my Katoom would haunt me forever.

Note to anyone running Acerbis bark busters just until the new ones arrive...

One 3" sapling at ~30 MPH will crack the plastic off like a boiled egg shell and when you try and bend the aluminum back into shape it will simply break off.

I'm still wrestling with the hand guard mount on the Scott's under mount for the stabilizer.

I don't really want to go with a Bonz mount, but will if I have to.

I saw a set of hand guards made by Highway Dirt Bikes on a XR650 and man I have to tell you they look beefy. I don't know how much they weigh, but they cost about the same as the Fastway F.I.T. system.

Highway Dirt Bike hand guards :


They have threaded bar inserts (comes with a tap) and a top clamp that will match up to the Scott's triple size wise.

Between the Fastway and the Bonz, I'd come out cheaper (and maybe with a stronger guard) for a little less money going with the HDB version.

I don't know how much they weigh (but will in the morning :prof: ) but fit and finish on them looks pretty good.

I don't really want to go with bar mounts for the hand guards as I haven't seen a set I couldn't spin yet. I don't mind loosening bolts and putting them back in place, but I hate replacing cables that got stretched or broken as a result.

Cycra makes a pinch bolt mount in two styles, but from what I read they are somewhat soft and are also a PITA unless you want to brace them (I don't).

The Bonz mounts look OK for the most part, but then the geometry of the taller bar clamp (possibly) hoses up the bar end alignment.

I'm going to call Scott's and HDB and see if I can get them to jive, and if so, the best way to bring it all together without some frankenstein arrangement.

If it all sucks, I'll just go with a top mount stabilizer.

I guess I can always figure out a way to put some sort of pad/protection over the stabilizer so I don't do a face plant right into it. :smirk:

Nice work man! Post up pics when you're done

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