St Joe State Park(flat river) question


I just wanted to be sure before waking up in less than 5 hours to go riding joe state park is open on sundays, right? he says it is, but I am driving there and i dont wanna drive 2 hours to get there and find out they are closed.

the website says they are open daily, but does that include sunday?

Yes they are.:smirk:

thank you for verifying this. :cheers

and while i was there, my plug fouled out right in the middle of the trail behind the slowest people on the face of the earth. thought i had a spare in the backpack and a wrech...i was wrong. had to wait for my friend to find me, then try to find his way back to the truck, then try to find the spark plugs and wrench, then try to find his way back to me. all the while, people were just going by. i would like to thank the 4 ktm riders who stopped by on three occasions(two at once, different one later, another different one a bit later). i would also like to say thanks to all the other guys who just rode on without even asking if i needed help.

it was still a blast

Was also there Sun. wish I would have seen ya had sevral plugs and tools sorry,it was a great day for riding though had a blast

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