Trailer Size For 2 Bikes

hey, how big does a trailer have to be to fit just 2 full size bikes

will a 7 by 4 feet trailer fit a 125 and 250?

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7 foot may be OK but a 4 ft width is a little tight for two bikes, each bike will have approximately 32" wide handle bars which side by side equals just over 5 feet. The important thing is having enough width so the tie downs have enough angle to keep the bike upright.

my trailer is 7x4, i have fitted 3 bikes on it before (but it was a tight fit with 2 facing backwards) and maybe another half a foot would be handy cause i cant shut the back gate, 7 1/2x5 would be your best option

7x4 will fit 2 bikes no worries. But why not just spend the extra and get a 7x5 ?

Makes loading much easier, and you can always carry a third bike easily.

I've got a 7x5 and I fit 3 450's just perfectly.

a few people I know have, and do very often, fit 2 on a 4x8 trailer (somehow onw dude fits 3 staggered with middle backwards). You just need to stagger the bikes/chokes. It is a little bit of a tight fit, but with the 2 staggered you shoudl eb alright!

Also, aren't most pickup beds only 4' wide? (i know you get eyehooks on the side though)

If you going to get a trailer, might i suggest this?

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