Kl 250 Wiring diagram

G,day everyone, Just joined this site.

Im currently rebuilding a 1981 KL250 A4 and was wondering if anyone had a wiring diagram which shows the actual wire colours.

Ive got a copy of the factory workshop manual but the wiring diagram is missing the colours.

Thanks if you can help.



Hi Kiwi-Rosco (also just joined)

I have a 1981 A4, I've owned since 1982, I have a colour wiring diagram, not sure how to get it to you as we are not allowed to post attachments. Anyway I can get your e-mail will sent it to you.


G'day Mick, Firstly, thanks for the reply.

Ive just finished rebuilding this bike and have just got to sort out some final issues with the wiring, The copy of the workshop manual I have dousnt show the colours on the wiring diagram ( Bloody frustrating).

My email is : delross@xtra.co.nz

Thanks again for your help mate



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