I'm back! Well almost

To make a long story short my brother and I picked up a 2002 RM250 for 700 bucks. It didn't run but had a new jug, piston and crank and the guy said it had electrical problems...yeah. I replaced the spark plug and cleaned the carb and now it runs bitchin! Best deal I've ever got.

It came with a Gnarly pipe but I don't want it, if anyone wants to trade for a Fatty pipe or PC PM me.


Wow, rockin deal, she looks in good shape :smirk:

Very cool! Nice bike.

Thanks guys I'm pretty excited to ride it eventually

wow wat a deusch lol. that guy is so dumb. 700 bones for a bike that looks cherry. good you man im jealous

deusch? :smirk:

That's a new one!

*douche lol my bad

Today was a 2 hour GP team race and I threw caution to the wind and raced it, the bike ran fantastic! I traded the Gnarly for a PC threw that on and threw in a Wiseco piston with the TiN ring last night and it ran perfect the whole race. The bike pings a little on pure pump so I mixed in a little AvGas, about 1 gallon to 4 gallons pump. I noticed a little detonation throughout the race but it was reduced, I'll try a little more next time.

The sprockets were worn and I threw on some parts I had laying around which changed it to 13/48, from 13/51 no big deal. The course was the entire outdoor style MX track and 2 miles of single track. The bike lugged very impressively and had good top end and over-rev. I think I could have jetted it better but I didn't have time and we shared the bike the whole 2 hours so there was no time. Handling was super duper awesome, surprise I know. A lot of the single track was in these real tight ravines and it just begged me to push hard all the way through going wherever I pointed it like it read my mind.

I'm 215 and my brother is 205 so I expected it be a little soft but amazingly it still allowed me to push it relatively hard on the track. It has Race Tech stickers on the forks but I'm not sure what is inside.

All in all this is a fantastic bike no matter the price.

Previous bikes: 03 CR250, 06 YZ250, 07 KX250, 06 CRF450, 05 RM250, 03 KX250 and a few in betweeners


Sweeet! Keep the smoker rolling! :smirk:

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