08 trx450er "oil,water" what?


I got a 2008 TRX450ER. Friend sunk it. Then trans oil would spew out breather tube, ok understandable. Checked Trans, looked good but breather was milky. Flushed motor, trans, compression test c/w. Ran great for 4 rides and started spitting trans out again "milky", case fluid was norm. Oil level didnt change, radiator didnt change, but trans would start spitting milkoil, but trans was norm. What is going on, i have never hear or seen this. I am a seasoned mech and am truely lost. After each flush session it would be fine, i can run motor to 80% back to idle all day and no negative results, but when we gets it, all trans oil prob start up again.....LOST HELP???!!!!:smirk:

Sure vent tube is clear on the airbox end?

If I understand you correctly, tube looks milky but trans fluid itself looks ok. I would say you have some moisture hiding somewhere in the bottom end, that only gets purged when the engine is run hot and hard. (Trouble is, that moisture may be rusting something in there!) As long as the oil itself is not effected, I would run it hard and try to dry it out. Park it hot and take the filler cap off, to help dry it out.

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