help with conversion.

hey guys, i got my 250f a couple of months ago, its an 04. well, i wanted one so bad i wasnt patient and i went for the first one i could find and now im regretting it and wishing i got an 06 up model. ive been reading some threads lately about swapping the 04 engine into an 06 and up frame, and its kinda got me thinking i want to do that. what exactly is involved? i know you have to swap the motor out, but will i have to get new forks, swingarm etc?if not, i think i will be performing this project. if i have to spend that much then i dont think it will happen. thanks.

Well...nothing is impossible. Rear fender, exhaust, tank & seat all mount differently. Will it be worth the time & effort - probably not.

just sell it and buy an 06. bot worth it. so much time and it is not an easy project

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