The best way to keep graphics

I've got a good graphics kit from Factory Effects on my WR

during last year BUT it's trying to get off. It's rather expensive and I don't like the idea to buy a new one so soon. Are there any tips and tricks how to keep our graphics? Share your experience. Especially how to apply a new graphics (probably i'll just use some glue (which one BTW?) with my used one)

Good luck.

The best way to keep your graphics in good shape...... is to not put them on.

Any graphics you put on will peel off the tank after a while.

I have a vision of my next 2004 wr250 with not a sticker any were on the bike except for my orv sticker. I am tired of replacing graphics. Its a waste of time and money.

I agree. My bike has not had graphics on it since early March of this year. I ride way to much too keep any of them on. The stock decals lasted 1.5 months. I pressure wash my bike and everything comes off. It does not look to bad without graphics. I doubt the after market graphics are any better.


yeah i put a post on about this before. i am starting to lose mine from washing the bike. i wish there was a way i could keep them but it seems everyone's stickers come off eventually. i'll just leave them off till i get ready to sell it next and put some new ones on it. i have actually had mine fall off while washing and stuck it back on with the water and the water dried and the sticker stayed lol.

I alway use clear fingernail polish and put around the edges of all my graphics. It helps to keep the edges sealed and that way dirt and water do not try to get behind the graphics! It has worked well so far!

I'm sure you have heard this 100x b4. But if you havent here it goes. Its not water and the pressure washer that is killing your tank graphix. Its the gas in your tank. The plastic tank allows gas vapors to weep thru the plastic and attack the adhesive's on the graphix. There isn' much you can do about it. Sure people will tell you things that will help. And they do help for a while. But graphics just wont stay nice for very long. Thats just the way it is.

> I have a vision of my next 2004 wr250 with not a

> sticker any were on the bike except for my orv sticker.

> I am tired of replacing graphics. Its a waste of time

> and money.


jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f






YZman hit the nail on the head, its the gas and fumes that leach through the plastic tank. Dissolves the glue. I called Factory Effex on this issue and they say the Yamaha tank is thinner plastic that most others. There advise was to drain the gas after riding.

One thing that I have done that has seemed to help a little bit. I bought a spray can of clear plastic primer from NAPA. I then emptied the tank and aired it out for a few days. Cleaned it really well. And applied several coats of the primer to the tank. Im thinking that this has helped seal the tank pores and let my graphix live a little longer. I was luck to get 1 year out of the tank graphics b4 I did this. Now they seem to last at least 2 years b4 they are totally scard beyond belief.

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